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With schools out for two weeks or more, many schools are transitioning to online learning. Here are many resources to enhance your child’s learning (plus provide a little fun) during these times of uncertainty. Keeping a regular schedule is key to surviving homeschooling. REMEMBER, children and teens react to your level of stress. Keep things calm and add an element of fun to provide great memories for them.

Companies offering free services or subscriptions while school is out…

  • List of dozens of companies offering free subscriptions link
  • Chrome extensions for struggling or special needs students link
  • Over 30 iPad apps for special needs students link (includes dyslexia, autism, visually impaired, and writing difficulties)
  • Online literacy read alongs, storytime, and illustrating tutorials link
  • 450 FREE Ivy League courses online link
  • Imagineering in a Box from Disney and Khan Academy link
  • Audible Stories – offering FREE streaming for children, tweens, and teens as long as school is out (6 different languages available) link

Helpful and fun resources for you and your children …

  • Adventures in Odyssey FREE for 4 WEEKS link
  • Starting an indoor garden – link
  • Nature Notebook – link
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt – link
  • Build your own bird feeder – link
  • Free Art lessons on Facebook by Make link
  • Lunch Doodles with author Mo Willems link
  • Take a virtual walk on Mars link
  • Center for Puppetry and Arts (Atlanta) offering FREE online performances link
  • Georgia Aquarium multiple live streams link
  • Little House in the Big Woods audiobook link
  • Over 100 Museums, Libraries, and Galleries Offer FREE Coloring Pages link

YouTube … a homeschooler’s paradise:

With proper parental guidance and supervision these sites can be very helpful

At home field trips…

Keeping the brain sharp with screen fun (check these apps and ideas) …


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