Harvest Time

Each file below is about 7-8 megabytes each. They are the programs that we have aired in the past. Right click on the link and click save as to download them to your computer.




Wise & Foolish Virgins

What Will You Do With Jesus

What Kind of Mother

What is Man

What Held Jesus to the Cross

What God Said About Abraham

We Need A Home

We Have Overcome the World

Unmovable Saints of God

Trust the Lord

Three-fold Judgment of Believer

The World

The Word of God

The Wise & Foolish Virgins

The Way of Cain

The Voice of God

The Time of the End

The Tears of Jesus

The Sheep

The Seven Awakenings

The Second Touch

The Rule on Earth

The Preaching of the Cross

The Potter and the Clay

The Potter and the Clay

The New Things of Christianity

The Name to Call Him

The Motive Behind the Cross

The Love of God

The Lordship of Christ

The Lord is My Shepherd

The Kinsman Redeemer

The Joy of Walking With God

The Home

The Holy Spirit is God

The Hands

The Hands Tell A Story

The Hand of the Lord

The Greatness of God

The Greatness & Goodness of God

The God of This Age

The Feet of the Lord

The Enduring Sight-Heb. 11

The Devil Will Get You If You…

The Deceitfulness of Sin

The Death of Christ-Pt.2

The Death of Christ-Pt. 1

The Beginnings

The Battle For the Body Pt. 2 

The Battle For the Body Pt. 1

The Anti-Christ-3-10-06

That I May Know Him

Spiritual Warfare

So Great A Salvation

So Great A Salvation

Simeon Sees the Christ Child

Signs of His Coming

Scraps For the Saviour

Rightly Dividing the Word of God

Rich Fool & Failure of Success


Real Truth About the Judgment

Raised From the Dead

Raging Heathen, Laughing Lord

Producing Fruit

Precious Things

Personality of the Holy Spirit

Persecutor to Possessor

Parable of the Pounds

Not Becoming Like Another Man

Man and His Mission


Loss of the ark of God

Life and Death

King Uzziah Pride

Keep Thy Heart

Jude v.1-4

Jerusalem-The City of God

Is There Any Word From God

Is Preaching Relevant Today

Importance of Resurrection

Importance of Mothers

If the Foundations Be Destroyed

I John 4 v. 1-5

I John 3

I Believe God

How to Make the Most of Time



Grieving the Spirit

Goodbye to Glory

Good Bye to Glory

Fruit Bearing

Five Kinds of Prayer

Family That Came Back to God


Faith-Anchor in Jesus

Faith, Fact, Feeling

Enriched By Him

Did You Hear Him

Complete in Him

Cleansing the Temple

Can You Hear God

Break Up Your Fallow Ground

Biblical Repentance

Being a Winner

Be Ye Holy For I Am Holy

Ask For The Old Paths

Are You Asking For Trouble

Answer to a Troubled Heart

Anchor of Your Soul

A Winner & A Quitter

A Search For A Bride

A Message to the Little Flock

A Godly Family in a Godless Age