We had a great day on Friday, June 21st celebrating the 35th anniversary of the radio station with listeners, staff, and the Troup county chamber.

Then, Saturday.

God’s plans are not our plans.

In 35 years nothing like this has ever happened at the station. Sure, we’ve had times of equipment failure which pulled us off the air for a little bit. But nothing like this.

The storm hit Troup County, GA ferociously. Out of the blue. No one expected it to be as bad as it ended up. As we write this on Sunday afternoon, some are still without power. Power crews have been working through the night to restore power. Reports say that at least 30 roads in the county had trees on them. Trees were down on the interstate. It was bad.

In our little patch of the county we were not spared by whatever it was that blew through.

The top half of one of the mighty oaks on the property snapped causing all the damage.

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Sunday morning assessing damage. The video below gives a better idea of the damage and why we are off the air. As of 3:30 pm Sunday afternoon Diverse Power has not been on location to assess and deal with this situation. (We finally spoke to a person at 1:00 pm Sunday by going to Diverse Power to report that we have damage. We have been told we are “on the list.”) Power was restored last night at the station. Before power was restored we unplugged all equipment to prevent potential damage from a surge. As you can see in the video there is still a branch on the now live power line. The post holding the line going into the building is bent at least 45 degrees or more. One of the three metal guy wires is hanging over the power line; it is still attached to the tower. A second guy wire which was attached to the roof snapped. We won’t know until inspection if there was roof damage. The 100 ft. tower at the station is leaning against the chain link fence and into the trees. This tower sends the signal from the station to the 300 ft. tower nearer to Pine Mountain. Out of an abundance of caution we are not entering the building due to the active power line. This is where we are and what we know at this time.

It could have been worse.

With all the oak trees around the station it is a miracle that the one that went down, the one closest to the building, did not take out the corner.

It is a miracle that none of the oaks went through any portion of the building.

Even in the storm, God’s guiding hand protected. Yes, we are inconvenienced. Yes, it will take time to sort out all the insurance, technical and equipment checks, and repairs.

But God knows. His hand still guides.



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